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As you get in, everything breathes the legend. That of champions who have written the most beautiful pages of professional cycling. But without nostalgia. Here, everything is bubbling, exhilarating, alive. In the design studio, engineers innovate and transform carbon into objects crafted through precision engineering. It is here that the first carbon frame and the first clipless pedal were born, and went on to become today’s benchmarks in the world of cycling.
Designers imagine new lines, reinvent aerodynamics, perfect road handling, rider’s comfort and are already creating the bicycles of tomorrow. In the heart of the workshop, these desires to innovate take form. Matter is shaped, forged to within a micron, parts are assembled by hand, a multitude of operations that testify to a know-how worthy of one of the most prestigious
French craftmanships.
Proud of what we make, of the champions that have been the architect of victories, of what LOOK represents in the demanding world of cycling.

Great brands do not exist without excitement.




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