The Gravel Trophy is above all the story of two friends and a challenge. That of traveling 300 km between sea and mountains.

What there is to know !
One of the originalities of the Gravel Trophy course:
It will only be revealed 5 days before the event!
As a participant you will receive your invitation with all the information on the organization of the weekend.
Timetables, passage controls, but also a detailed description of all the trails, villages and historic monuments that you will come across on your journey.
To travel is above all to know the history and culture of the paths taken!
The route will not be marked in “wild” mode with km of rubalise! With the aim of organizing an “Eco Friendly” event, we will mark and be present at the points of the course.
In addition, each participant will receive a roadbook as well as the link to download the track in their GPS. If you are not equipped, our partner GARMIN offers you a VIP discount code to get your next toy as soon as possible!
Finally, to stay in the spirit of discovery and adventure, while ensuring the safety of participants, several strategic checkpoints will segment the route and volunteers will be placed at main intersections to secure your passages.