BH BIKES CORE – video Campaign

The roads are always our faithful accomplices in adventures and misadventures. Can we call what we feel love? Love and passion.

A symmetrical passion. Always together – enduring the same wild weather, sharing the cold of the rain and the heat of the effort. Mile after mile to the finish line. A goal that is sometimes anticipated or unexpected.

But … what if we don’t finish these roads? What if we could always go an extra mile?

Where is the limit? The boundary is where you place it. Age does not matter. You are not afraid of inequalities or of distance.

The new BH Core paves the way for a new generation of electric bikes. The perfect union between technology and performance, maintaining the same sensations you have always experienced on a bike.

165 km of autonomy thanks to a combination of low engine consumption and a 540 Wh battery. 165 km of cycling. 165 km of adventure.

Director Mathieu Echeverri