Bernard Hinault – New advertising made for LOOK


LOOK – E-765 OPTIMUM ALL OF LOOK’S DNA, WITH A LITTLE SOMETHING EXTRA What is the first e-road by LOOK? This is a bike that is the result of our mastery of carbon, which allows us to offer a frame that is both lightweight and durable, manufactured in our own production facilities. This is also a bike that has just continued a story that has been written at the highest level ever since our first pedal strokes with Bernard Hinault. Lastly, it is a bike that has been designed by cyclists, for cyclists – and that means for all cyclists. Because you may wish to follow your friends down a mountain pass without having all of the necessary skills. Because you were champion one day, and now simply want to recuperate. Because there is a tendency to forget that cycling is first and foremost a leisure activity that should go hand-in-hand with pleasure – it is for all of these reasons, not to mention any personal reasons you might have, that LOOK has created the E-765 OPTIMUM, a genuine LOOK assisted by an integrated FAZUA motor. Barely any heavier than a traditional road bike, the astonishing performance of your first LOOK electric bike will have you back on the steepest slopes. And best of all: even Bernard Hinault has succombed to its charms. BECOME A LEGEND:…


Directed by Mathieu Echeverri

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